What kind of Warrior are you?

Please answer the following questions.

  1. Summer has just begun. A group of your friends is planning a road trip to Las Vegas. Your father, on the other hand, has asked you to consider staying behind to work the family's store with your extra time. Do you:
    Work at the store because your beloved family needs you?
    Go to Vegas primarily to hang out and party with your friends?
    Work at the store because the extra money would be useful?
    Go to Vegas primarily to make sure your friends stay out of trouble?

  2. While working during your internship at Dr. Weird's laboratory, you notice that one of the specimens has broken out of its holding tank. Do you:
    Seal off the area so you can find a way to force it back into its cell, just you and it.
    You've had to deal with this before. You know that if you just rub its nose, it'll go right into a trance, enabling you to lug it back to its cell without fighting it again... hopefully.
    Make sure everyone gets out safely, and let the specialists take care of it.
    Put it down with a couple of well-placed slugs of hot lead. Although this will cost Dr. Weird a lot of money, it would have been much worse had it been able to run amok throughout the lab.

  3. How do you greet your close friends?
    Respect each other's personal space, greet with eye contact, and friendly words.
    A handshake as you pull them into the rest of your group.
    Close personal space, greet with an arm around the shoulder, or even an embrace.
    Assertive, respectful greeting, a closed, firm handshake with good eye contact.

  4. Choose your weapon:
    The sword. It's what you're best at.
    The shield. You're not the "offensive" type, but you can use it to smite somebody if there's absolutely no other alternative.
    The bow. A well placed arrow is more efficient than a sword or shield.
    All of the above. Variation is the key to excellence.

  5. Dr. Weird is treating the new interns poorly. Now that you're a genuine lab technician, you will:
    Don't talk to Dr. Weird about it, lest you upset the good doctor, but instead help them out in your spare time.
    Let them be. You're not an intern anymore, and you turned out fine, so it's none of your concern.
    Talk to Dr. Weird about it, risking upsetting him, because you don't want the interns to be overworked.
    Talk to Dr. Weird about it, risking upsetting him, because it's the right thing to do.

  6. You spy a good friend of yours getting dragged into a dark alley by a thug with a knife.
    Shout for help and charge in after them, ready to fight for both of your lives.
    Shout for help and charge in to protect your friend.
    Charge in with your gun aimed. Although you probably won't use it, it'll deter a thug only armed with a knife.
    Charge in, confident that you are doing the right thing, and can take down the thug with ease.

  7. You value many things. But from the below listed, you value most:

  8. While cleaning up in the testing area, you notice that Dr. Weird has left his lab manual unattended. You know that it is full of many desirable secrets to his work. In a moment of temptation you:
    Peruse the book to see if anything catches your eye.
    Peruse the book looking for something specific.
    Swipe the book and make a copy for yourself before returning it to Dr. Weird.
    Return it to Dr. Weird, but inquire about its contents.

  9. Sex.
    Strict. Only serious relationships apply.
    You love many people. But are intimate with few.
    Casual. You aren't averse to trying things out with your close friends.
    Fun. You like sex, and will "explore" with almost anyone.

  10. Would you protect the ones you love, even at the risk of severe injury?
    I won't risk my life for anyone, but I would not expect anyone else to risk theirs for mine, either. Seems fair.
    Depends on the circumstance.

  11. Would you willingly manipulate another person for personal gain?
    Depends on how much I would have to gain.

  12. If you caught one of your friends committing a crime, would you turn him in?
    Yes. There's no excuse, no matter how small the crime.
    Never. Know trust in your friends or die alone.
    Depends on how severe it was.

  13. When you really believe in a campaign or cause with all your heart, even if you think the campaigners won't accomplish anything, do you actively participate in it?
    If I have the time.
    My beliefs guide me. I would drop everything else to fight for it.
    Let the campaigners take care of it.

  14. If you were stuck in a fight, would you fight dirty?
    You might hit below the belt, but you wouldn't kick them if they were down.
    No. That just isn't fair.
    Kick, bite, go for the crotch, go for the eyes, hit 'em while they're down and do whatever it takes.

  15. If a boss you really liked and respected gave you a direct order that you thought was really stupid, would you follow it?
    Make the boss proud of your loyalty. Follow that order to the letter.
    I'd balk. I'd have to be coaxed into it.
    I'd need to get clarification first.

  16. Would you ever raise your fists in anger?
    When I lose my temper, I can easily misdirect my anger.
    I might get aggressive if I lose my temper, but I wouldn't hurt anyone.
    I have a cool head. Even under stress, I will never snap at anyone.

  17. When faced with a really big problem, you:
    Meet it head on right away and get it over with.
    Try to avoid it, or at least stay away from it for as long as possible.
    Put it off until you feel ready to deal with it.


What kind of Warrior are you? test by Ashtar with help from Tamino.